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Site Last Updated: 7/31/04
Number of Browns Games: 99 

Welcome to my sports VHS video tape trading site.  This site's purpose is to provide Browns and other sports fans across the world with an avenue to share their pieces of history with others. I'm looking to trade for quality Browns and other sports videos if you have them (NFL, NBA, College Football, College Basketball, Boxing, Golf, misc.).  I am also always looking to upgrade my existing tapes with better quality tapings.

I try to be fair with my gradings but also know this is subjective.  If you feel I have inaccurately graded a tape let me know and I will update my grading.  I also prefer to trade tapes recorded in SP speed (even if it means two tapes) unless it is a recent game and still looks great in LP.  Please tape with quality NEW tapes (Sony, Maxell Silver, etc.).


* 2003 Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers
* 2003 Cincinnati Bengals @ Cleveland Browns
* 2003 Cleveland Browns @ San Francisco 49ers - GREAT BROWNS COMEBACK
* 2003 Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens - Jamal Lewis rushing record.
* 2003 Indianapolis Colts @ Cleveland Browns
* 2002 AFC Playoffs Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers
* 2002 St. Vincent St. Mary's vs. Oak Hill Academy. Lebron James TV Debut
* 2002 St. Vincent St. Mary's vs. Mater Dei.  Lebron James vs. D.J. Strawberry


 Grading Scale

EX  Master Copy or Master Quality.  
VG  Quality copy.  May be some minor flaws but very much enjoyable (i.e. far away shots may not be very 
 sharp but close up shots are great, slight discoloration, slight waviness or tracking lines, etc.).
G  This tape has some serious flaws (i.e. bad discoloration, tracking lines,  picture jumps, etc.) but can still 
 be enjoyed.
P  This sucks.  I will only list a P tape if it is extremely rare and has great historical significance.



Please contact me if you wish to trade for any taped telecasts of any of the games on this site.